Raging storms set in our life,

††††††††††† adrift in turbulent seas;

Our heart thrown into shambles,

††††††††††† longing for release.


Passions tempting, compulsion pulls,

Moods set in, darkness rules;

No light in sight, no divine jewels,

††††††††††† just pain, grief and sorrow.


And we lash out to displace our pain,

††††††††††† in anger and aggression;

Sometimes we store it up inside,

††††††††††† as bitter, remorsed depression.


Who could do damage, to that we know as sacred?

What hand could hurt a cherished love?

How can a beacon give way to darkness?

††††††††††† Why come to push and shove?


Ignorance, stupidity, an evil mistake,

††††††††††† bad karma taking its toll,

These are lame excuses to those who love,

††††††††††† and care about our soul.


For those who love caress the sweetness,

††††††††††† inherent in our being,

Accepting who we are right now,

††††††††††† yet not excusing what they're seeing.


For there is no excuse for our actions,

††††††††††† be they word or deed;

No excuse for inflicting pain,

††††††††††† even in a time of need.


Love means respect, and respect, honor;

††††††††††† Each and every moment.

Even in our darkest hours,

††††††††††† we must not displace our torment.


In the heart of honor lies responsibility;

††††††††††† to do just what we say.

And if we say "I love you"

††††††††††† there is no other way.


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