Navigating to Bliss


The purpose of life is to be happy,

and cultivate joy as a seed,

That bears the fruit of happiness,

in all who care to heed.


For joy is our thriving nature,

The way of unimpeded life force.

It is the very symptom of grace,

as we embrace our karmic course.


Happiness is activity of the soul according to virtue:

When our wobble finds a better way;

It is our final good,

to enjoy and be happy everyday.


Climatic conditions cloud our path,

The wobble gives way to woe.

Burdened by the struggles of existence,

sadness and misery can show.


Despair sets in like a fungus on a log,

eating away at the centered core;

It takes strength, and courage, and the desire to thrive,

To take control once more.


And with steadfast grip on the rudder of the ship,

take steer towards your bliss;

And set sail in the nectar of joy,

navigating the way to happiness.


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