Myth of Enlightenment


There is this legendary way of being,

the scriptures like to say:

Paradise, Heaven, Satori,

Nirvana, Freedom, the Way.


Yet till one knows It,

Enlightenment is but a myth:

a hope, a dream, a good intention,

of being with Happiness.


Of course all ideals have value,

and this myth is as important as any.

For the myth of the Highest of Highest,

has driven the soul of many.


Asceticism, prayer and ceremony,

praising the Most High in song;

These are pastimes of the ego,

to help our soul along.


But these are not enlightenment,

only ways of passing time.

Enlightenment must be more,

not this mundane ego whine.


A place of peace, bliss and comfort,

where everythingís alright.

Clarity, truth, profundity,

meaningful, understanding, insight.


On it goes again,

babbling about the myth,

Meanwhile life keeps on going,

with Enlightenment as a wish.


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