O dear Love,

You double-edged sword,

Sweet nectar and bitter poison,

Treacherous curse and gracious blessing:


You are worshiped by both the prophets and prostitutes,

and may bring us such bliss and sorrow.

You raise our hopes of intimacy,

and tie our homes together.


Yet you bring about battles of covet and jealousy,

and are responsible for the downfall of many.

You are reflected in the starry-eyed,

and in the diamonds slaved for in your name.


We witness your power to move the most righteous of motives,

and soften the strongest of hearts into despair and ill-will.

Your dual-edged sword teaches us the paradox of life,

reminding us that even you, the highest of gifts, may also bring tears to this world.


And like the knife which can be used to either create or heal a wound,

You are both the spiritual surgeon's scalpel,

and the lance of many a broken heart.


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