Like a Butterfly



Is nothing really nothing?

Or is it really something?

Does the Great Void have a place?

Is mindfulness no mind?


Is Enlightenment a hopeful dream,

Freedom from all pain?

Can desire be put down,

Or will it always reign?


Is emptiness no more than a coveted goal?

Is fulfillment more our plight?

Even the Dharma of Buddha nature,

Could be something, right?


Flowers fall and weeds grow up;

The wind is forever abiding.

Why do we need fan ourselves

and strive after something?


Because Buddha nature is like the wind:

Present but still worth striving;

Something is nothing and nothing is something, and we are here, now,

and Enlightenment is still worth trying.


Be like the Butterfly,

Who flies with the wind;

Surfing the Buddha nature,

sipping the cream from the flowers and weeds.


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