Thereís a way to use words,

to put others at ease;

To uplift and inspire,

Itís called the Language of Peace.


We can sort towards excellence,

and gain good rapport;

Pace so we may harmonize,

striking a nice chord.


Frame things positively,

To show how much we care.

Focus on understanding,

Using words as gifts we share.


Even with challenge,

Enjoin in playfulness;

And co-create the path of love,

moving toward bliss.


Choose words that are congruent,

with our heart and action;

Be inclusive, deep and true,

calibrating the reactions.


Sort forward and toward agreement,

Shape experience into pleasure;

Empower others with insight,

giving them semantic treasures.


And most of all seek fellowship,

respecting life as precious;

Speak so as to nourish life,

shaping it toward excellence.


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