Is our Love Gone?


O dear sister is our love gone?

Once we sang a joyous song;

Has now our love come to end,

O dear sister, can’t you be my friend?


Or did passion blind our friendship too?

Bind our bodies, but not our ‘Nous’?

Is nothing left but memories past?

Nothing left that will last.


Our love was like a fountain that overflowed with joy,

But now is like a child who broke her favorite toy;

Can we not bear to part?

And separate our conjoined hearts?


Will sorrow hide what was there?

Even though we still care?

Will resent keep our spirits sad?

Will contempt keep our egos mad?


Philos stays much stronger than Eros ever could.

He stands on firmer ground, where cupid never would;

Yet Agape is still stronger, souls conjoined as one;

All of us our brothers, all of us are sons.


Tis better to have loved, than never known its bliss;

Tasted its sweet nectar, we easily could have missed.

But is it not still sweeter, to love without return?

“Let fruits grow for their own right”, is a good lesson to be learned.


Take care now if you wish, I need not do the same;

For you are still my sister, for whom I have no blame;

Remember Agape, the true love of God.

Then ours won’t be history, then ours wouldn’t be gone.


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