Of all the virtues, all worthy to manifest,

Integrity is amongst the highest;

For it is the holding to our truth,

And harmonizing towards our best.


All parts need the whole,

And the whole needs the parts;

Integrity is the joining,

Of our thoughts, hands and hearts.


Integrity is the in-syncness of a person,

Wherefrom all virtues make their procession;

It is the success of personality,

As the wise mind makes expression.


Integrity is the glue of love,

With out which our love is less than complete;

It is the trust that comes from our uprightness,

That makes Integrity so sweet.


The seed of honesty, honor, self-actualization,

The sower of trust, cooperation and happiness;

Integrity leads the way to consonance,

As we fine-tune in on our bliss.


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