In the Relief of Boredom


Could we bare the weight of the present,

as one moment leads to another?

Being gives way to doing,

As we neglect the now for some other.


Some other moment in hope of enjoyment;

Some other moment that leads to the next,

Some other moment to feed our memory;

To distract us from the emptiness.


And so we go on with life,

With our hobby, work or rhyme.

Doing some ambition,

As if we could pass the time.


TV, reading, conversation,

Painting, song or sport.

Much of life is relieving boredom,

And that existential discomfort.


For boredom is like a thorn,

Reminding us of our void;

Perhaps if we embraced it,

Our being bored could be enjoyed.


For behind all the glitter of living,

and hopes of doing something great,

remains the inevitability of boredom:

the here, now of beingís fate.


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