In the Midst


In the midst of lifeís endless stream of ongoingness,

Is the rudder that harnesses this current.

Guiding us down our path,

As we choose our way.


The momentum of reality limits our choices,

Yet our will does make a difference.

We are more than a leaf falling to earth,

Or dust in the wind.

We have choice within this confine.

We can fashion the fabric of existence


We look among the best and worst,

Taking aim towards Quality

Striving for some ideal form,

We etch out our path into the world


Faith guides us to this perfection,

Hope keeps us going when the going gets rough

Love is the courage to hold hands while withstanding the flow

Peace is a symptom of the harmonious life

Taken care to aim towards a journey of fulfillment


Unrest, irritability, depression, anger

These are the signs of our wobble

As we are shaken off our center


When steering down the stream of your life

And the current sweeps you in its grip

Yield to its mighty force

And use your rudder to turn about

Striving for perfection in the midst of this momentary force,

Harnessing this energy into your way


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