His Vows


As a lad, I used to ponder, of the maidens, young and fair;

Nature's urges took forefront, the scent was in the air.

In my youth, I looked about, to find my maiden fair;

Who would suit my cravings, who would take my dare.

I could not understand:

Each person is like a flower, free for all to see;

A precious scent for all to smell, not just a gift for me.

Pluck that flower before it's ripe, no fruit comes from it's seed.

Lend that flower the hope of life, and it's fruit will spread it's breed.

As my heart began to blossom, and I opened my pedals to the sun;

I found many willing to pluck me, before my flowering was done.

Quite the same, I tampered with hearts, seeking the unblossomed fruit.

Tempted by the nectar's taste, I coveted my loot.

At a very young age, I lost respect, for the seed and the need for a vow;

Much of my youth I spent in neglect, with promises broken some how.

It was not that I was insincere, nor did I set out to lie;

It was the power of compulsion, to fulfill my lustful drive.

As I matured, and my soul shed light, on the Spirit that nourishes life;

I witnessed the birth of that cherished Love, that brings man to take a wife.

And I saw so clearly my undue neglect:that a soul comes through our seed;

I now hold dearly the honored respect, to carry on our breed.

Thus it came time to make my vow, to serve the Spirit of Life.

I guarded my seed religiously, until I could meet my wife.

For me, a vow is not a promise, but an oath that guides our heart:

A hope that tunes our sacred dreams, a dream of a life start.

Love is the great power, that renders Beauty to the beloved;

Free from ego's selfishness, to possess and use the coveted.

And so I took my vow:

to love Life with all my might,

to let my soul shine clearly,

to live a righteous life.

How could I give to all Life, when I could hardly give to one?

My own life needed Beauty, My own life needed love.

I worked on shining the light of my soul, and letting this light shine true;

I sought Harmony sung from other lives, who sang from their soul too.

I awaited that special song:

that only two can sing enlighted,

that special hope to share my dreams,

the dream of two united.

At last destiny was kind to me, and lent to me a life;

Full of light and love, who agreed to be my wife.

Many lassies I have known, with beauty that would stun;

But none so tailor made,as my Lady Budd.

She's gentle, kind and sincere, with Beauty like no other;

Caring, loving and has what it takes, to be my child's mother.

Now it is our hope, to love all with all our might;

Especially with our children, we vow to share our light.

We vow to spread the seed of love, through our jointed word and deed;

We vow to love our family, and serve the world's true needs.

And with this vow, we duly wed, uniting our soul's together;

Growing towards the vow of love, we join our love forever.


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