All ofus as humans, can share a special feeling;

Through a sense of humor , that Freud says is revealing

We laugh where things are funny, Or let out that silly sigh;

We giggle at the stupidestthings,and laugh so hard we cry.


It doesn't,take Jonny Carson or David Letterman,

To twang our sense of humor, like a comedian .


A joke, aline , a scene or story may tickle our funny bone;

It may be with some friends or crowd, or even whenwe 'realone .


But some take life too seriously and have lost this sacred red sense;

They easily are irritatedand quick to take offense.


This is sad , 0 so sad , for humoris the key,

That opens doors to a lighter side of life that is funny.


And last, not least, we laugh because humor heals the ailing heart

No pillor treatment can compare with the joking art .


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