The Great Eastern Sun


Looking in, if we have patience and courage,

We can see our world anew,

Full of possibilities,

Fresh light coming in on our darkness.

Welcome the Great Eastern Sun.


Peaking over the horizon,

The Great Eastern Sun allows us to see;

Allows us to uncover the world

Of our innate wakefulness,

Of our internal radiance shining forth.


Being with the dawn of the Great Eastern Sun,

Awakens us to our inherent goodness;

We can appreciate ourselves and the world

For the good that we are.

This takes bravery.


Bravery to behold also the darkness,

And to not get caught up in the fear of the setting sun;

Death is inevitable,

Yet so much of our life is spent in fear,

Choosing to identify with the possibility of darkness.


Be brave, like a warrior,

And go forth with that, which is already available,

Our radiance is here, now,

Available to shine forth.

Return to the primordial goodness,

And shine the Great Eastern Sun.


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