Dreaded dispellers of the Light,††††

Deceivers of our being,

As such the force of Glamour,††††

is blinding us from seeing.


Like a mask tied round our eyes,††††

or a foggy autumn morn;

Glamour keeps our vision clouded,††††

and Reality forlorn.


Maya on the etheric planes,††††

entangles us in her web;

Conditioning the forces that impulse us,††††

directing us to were we're led.


Her subtle energies enforce our being,††††

by pranic influences on our centers;

Through congestion, overstimulation,

††††††††††† or lack of coordination,††††

does Maya allow disease to enter.


But inspiration may lift you up,††††

to bear this Path of Probation;

Purification and concentration,††††

aids to bring about elation.


Glamourreigns the emotional planes,††††

Like Neptune rules the Seas;

An uncontrolled Astral body,†††

leaves us living untidily.


A-swaying like a ship in storm,††††

between the pairs of opposites;

Is the rocky course of Glamour,††††

keeping our heart blitzed.












But with dispassion, the storm lets up,††††

and the seas make for some good sailing,

Bringing illumination and clear vision,††††

to the disciple pledged from failing.


Then there's Illusion, the distortion of mind,††††

mis-interpretation of the ideal;

Bewildering us to believe the false thoughtform,††††

coloring the Light revealed.


But with intuition, the spiritual perception,††††

begins the Path of Initiation;

Dispelling illusion's illusory mirage,††††

through the light of the soul's contemplation.


At last, there's the Dweller that sits on the Threshold,††††

between the integrated person and Angel of ††††† Presence;

Confusing the Soul with the lower forms,††††

hindering the final transcendence.

Yet with discriminating control, the Soul takes grip,††††

revealing the Spiritual Light;

Dispelling the force of darkness,††††

mastering the Glamours of Life.

And as a Master, Adept of Life,††††

the Plan unfolds straightforward and true;

Like a crystal clear filled vessel,††††

the Light comes shining through.


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