This mutable form we callour body,

†††††† flesh and bone, blood and chi;

is the source of all our suffering,

and it will be the end of our "me".


Some time or another we must face this fact:

we are born, get older, anddie.

This flesh grows rotten sooner or later,

as our life goes slipping by.


Even if we hold great beauty,

likea model or a goddess;

Our face and figure wither slowly,

despite how rich or modest.


We may use our body, and abuse it,

††††††††††† flaunt it,push it ,and deny it.

Cloth it ,wash it,and run naked,

††††††††††† trust it, praise it,and defy it.


Cut or broken, neglected or poisoned,

infected,cancered,or drained of our juices;

No body can weather life's storms,

without the burden of nature's nuisances.


The young and pretty, robust and strong,

expect flesh to last forever;

The old and cripple, disabled and weak,

realize how soon our soul will sever.


If'God'is so "good"--almighty and kind,

Then why give us bodies that rot?

Along with ego's that thinkwe're immortal,

††††††††††† as if new parts could be bought.††††††††††††


At least we're blessed with hope that our souls live on,

born into heaven or take on a new form;

But the reality is that these bodies will vanish,

killing ego's mask it has worn.


Nature works without regard to vanity,

the same with comfort, ease or grace.

Its mighty force will reclaim this body,

to its eternal resting place.


Perhaps we should not put so much value,

in false idols made of flesh,

And keep eye on "things" immortal,

where the Spiritrests.



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