O dreary hearts who roam this world,

confused and lonely souls.

See your plight in all of us,

as karma reaps its tolls.


No one is happy, a moment perhaps,

All that is borns, eventuallydies.

What truth is known, what hope realized?

Who could sooth our woe-some cries?


Most of our youth remains awaitingage,

Most of our aged long for youth;

Who can bear the torment of the moment?

Who could bear the truth?


Suffering, indeed, is essential to life,

for living accumulates debt;

A burden that is paid through our life,

to carve the destiny that we get.


Pleasure attracts us to become attached,

Pain neurotically breeds a fear;

Complacence brings mediocracy,

All three will shed our tears.


Why then should we choose to live?

Todrag our bodies to their grave?

How good can life really be,

How can we be saved?


Is it possible to pay off this karma?

Are we doomed to a life of despair?

Perhaps these questions make life worth living,

Whyelse would we care?


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