Flat ones, round ones,

Fat and skinny;

Our bellies are our middle,

Our abdominal cavity.


In the upper right,

is the liver and gallbladder;

The filter of our blood, and

excreter of bad matter.


In the upper center,

Is our solar plexus;

Home of fear and freedom,

Of our settled or uptightness.


Also here lies the stomach and duodenum,

And the sacred organ called the pancreas;

Here is where assimilation begins,

Using food to build our earthiness.


In the upper left is the spleen,

Queen lymph node of our being;

Leading our defenses,

guardian of our well-being.


In the lower right is the ilio-cecal valve,

Transition of intestines, small into the large;

Home of the appendix,

Preparing stool for the discharge.


Just beneath the naval,

Is our center of gravity.

The steering wheel of our movement,

Director of our energy.


In the lower middle lies the bladder and uterus,

Comforting womb for our offspring;

Home of future life forms,

Gift that love can bring.


The final exit of unwanted foods,

Goes through the bellyís lower left,

Elimination takes its final form,

Before its finally expressed.


But none of these parts of the belly,

Is as great as the whole,

For it is the engine which extracts to us power,

Needed by the body and the soul.


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