Befuddled by egoís grand illusion,

I wonder what life is about;

Ambition, love, power, wealth, glory,

A soul trying to get out.


At times I behold the heaven on Earth,

The Kingdom of God is at hand;

While others I fear the hell around,

Is peace found in our land?


The sages say to renounce the world,

And detach from the fruits we bear forth and seed;

But the attractions of life are so glamorous,

Like the urge to carry on our breed.


I could turn within,

To stay on the play of pure consciousness;

Meditate on life immortal,

Fulfilled with the spiritís preciousness.


And so the enticement to live keeps me alive,

In this body, at this time;

Until the lure of the renunciateís life calls me,

Iíll fulfill my worldly ties.


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