Anarchy's Song


Freedom has a price,

as does rule and order;

Every group defines its rights,

and controls within their borders.


Tyranny is control out of control,

a grip too tight to breath;

Enstrangled by the law of the land,

The people seek relief.


Anarchy provides this relief,

as people breath forth and yell;

Breaking loose from tyranny's reign,

the people rise up from this hell.


A group of people can be together,

treat each other fairly, justand equal;

This is anarchy's hope and wish,

for each and every soul.


Equality of all who take part,

Self-determined, good willed, respectful,

Anarchy can align us in harmony,

if people are not neglectful.


When forming groups, be they large or small,

weneed believe that we can, indeed, get along;

So letís join hands and harmonize our voice,

and sing sweet Anarchyís song.


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