Jim's Interests                                           

General Interests:  Enjoying Life,  Appreciating Nature,  Being with Family and Friends,  Serving, Camping,  Hiking,  Bicycling,  Playing Flute, Keyboards,  Tai Chi,  Yoga,  Aikido,  Jujutsu,  Wrestling, Qigong,  Stick and Sword,  Philosophy,  Religion,  Science,  Psychology,  Traveling,  Rainbow Gatherings, Drawing, Graphic Arts.

Healing Interests:  Family Medicine,  Natural Medicine,  Modern Medicine,  Skilled Diagnostics,  Wise Therapeutics,  Strategies of Change,  Medical Consultation,  Personal Training,  Tuning Techniques, Therapeutic Movements,  Bodywork, Sports Medicine,  Herbal Medicine, Food and Supplements, Lifestyle Enhancement Techniques,  Community Medicine,  Feng Shui,   Preventive Medicine,  Longevity, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,  Physical Rehabilitation,  Psychological Counseling,  Barefoot Doctoring,  Esoteric Medicine,   Inspiration,   Sustainable Medicine,  Real Healing, Good Care.

Spiritual Interests:  Helping People, Meditation,  Compassion,  Insight,  Boddhisattva,  Nirvana,  Virtue, Community Harmonizing,   Love,  Grace,  Sincerity, Singing Praise.